About Studio Hex

Studio Hex are an independent, three-man game development team based in Bolton. Formed in September 2016 from an original 6 members (hence the name), they've since reduced in number to 3. This has led to a tighter focus within the team, leading to more fluid development of a large range of projects.

The team has a deep love of video games,and they believe this love shows through in the developed products. From the endless runner title Pig Loose to the platforming collect-a-thon Project Meerkobra and beyond, Studio Hex have and will continue to deliver fun experiences for all demographics.

Malek Benelhag

3D Artist extraordinaire.

Contact: malekbenelhag@gmail.com
Portfolio: http://www.malekbenelhag.com/

Animator, Designer, and everything in-between.

Contact: j.waring93@gmail.com

Portfolio: http://www.josephwaring.com

Joe Waring

Unreal Engine Maestro.

Contact: liammwhiting@gmail.com

Portfolio: http://www.liamwhiting.com

Liam Whiting